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The Dentist of Santa Fe, NM has created a dental practice that puts your smile out there--front and center--for everyone to see. You'll love the Dental Care that Anthony W. Mayfield, DDS brings to the Santa Fe, NM area.

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I provide same day emergency dental extractions (including Wisdom Teeth removal), comprehensive, and prudent emergency dental care! Give me a call at (505) 983-8051, and we will schedule your appointment today!
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Yes, The Dentist of Santa Fe, NM is taking on new patients now! Come in and we'll talk about your dental history, cosmetic goals, and more... We'll alleviate any concerns about Wisdom Teeth Removal, and other Dental Care. Request an appointment with

Anthony W. Mayfield, DDS

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Wisdom Teeth Removal,

or extraction, is to correct an actual problem, or to prevent problems that may occur in the future. Anthony W. Mayfield, DDS​, The Dentist of Santa Fe, provides dental care at an affordable price? Learn More about wisdom teeth removal.

Anthony W. Mayfield, D.D.S.
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After Hour Appointments Available

Same Day Appointments Available